December 9, 2019


Recreation and Habilitation (RAH) is a private non-profit organization located in Provo, UT that was founded in 1958 by parents whose children with disabilities were denied access to public schools. Today, it is a resource for social and recreational activities.

Utah Valley Paratransit has provided transport for RAH since 1986 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, some Fridays, and some Saturdays taking RAH participants bowling, swimming during the summer, activities at RAH headquarters, taking some to classes regarding finances, diet, nutrition, and weight management.

We also  provide transportation for a variety of activities like seeing the lights on Temple Square, Aquarium, Zoo, Sundance, Spanish Fork Lights, Thanksgiving Point, and movies just to name a few.

In the beginning, United Way Community Services provided these services in the community. The relationship changed through UTA once Utah Valley Paratransit was formed and received the contract for Paratransit services in Utah County.

This relationship is one of the most treasured relationships that we have. This relationship has been more than three decades in the making.

To learn more about RAH, visit their site here.