December 9, 2019

Ability First

Since 2000, Ability 1st Utah has been providing services to individuals with all types of disabilities and of any age to help them achieve their goal of remaining independent in their homes and active in their communities.  Our organization seeks to help individuals with disabilities to remove whatever limitations they may encounter along the way and turn them into opportunities for developing their abilities to live independent living lifestyles.

Through the UTA contract, Utah Valley Paratransit does transport a few individuals from Ability First. The majority of the service we provide is outside the scope of the UTA contract and is provided through Utah Valley Paratransit. We fill in for their drivers when vehicles are down or if it is an event that is more than Ability First’s vehicles to handle.

Utah Valley Partransit feels it is important to partner with agencies in Utah County who serve individuals with disabilities and if we can fill a need we are always happy to do so to help serve our community.